Our team is made up of a colorful group of individuals sporting over 50 years of collective experience in startups and enterprise. We specialize in cutting edge software and techniques and are always hungry to push the limits of what can be done.​

Started programming while still a high school student, went later on to study computer science in Spain and the UK. Started his career working with companies such as Phillip Morris and General Motors. Later on moved on to lead technical teams in both the startup and corporate world.

Joined Canon Inc. in 2007, engaged in marketing in the European and Japanese markets in the B2 business, and then engaged in marketing strategy planning and M & A for Ge global manufacturers at a strategic consulting company.

Data analysis of Rakuten's various businesses (EC, finance, content), Rakuten After working as a lead in developing data solutions both inside and outside Japan, was in charge of product development manager in Japan for the e-book business.

Expat Kiwi developer who visited Japan and never left. Enjoys music, traveling, whisky and building things with code.

Hailing from Hokkaido, nicknamed Marty after the charater from Back to the Future; He is a talented mixologist as well a skilled engineer.

Originally from Australia, He is an open source enthusiast, who loves learning new things and likes to program in his spare time.

Full stack engineer. However, I enjoy backend development the most. I’m particularly interested in cloud computing. I would like to live in my hometown of Hokkaido someday. Summer in Tokyo is too hot!

I woke up to the wonderful world of programming a few years ago and have kept learning new technologies ever since. Recently, I started to learn English too.

A former musician and audio engineer from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Now a full-stack engineer who is passionate about clean code and innovative education.

Worked as Engineer and Data Scientist position, since 2014, in Rakuten and SmartNews. Experience on data analysis in EC, advertisement and content curation product. Joined Basal in 2020, focusing on problem solving and value creation.

As a digital marketing expert/manager in Rakuten’s cross-group marketing organization, lead digital advertising, O2O and CRM over 10 years. And is specialized in driving digital marketing optimization for various industries (e.g., e-commerce, finance, entertainment, etc.) by involving stakeholders.
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